Breaking The Cycle Of Neglect: How I Achieved < 10% Body Fat (And Lost 14 lb) In 5 Months Using Chat GPT

“We have the same body type.”

The only time that statement doesn’t hurt is when it’s being said by a model or professional athlete.

Unfortunately for me, this was being said by my friend’s videographer in a hot tub in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A friend who, objectively speaking, was at least 50 lb overweight.

It hurt even more because I didn’t even realize I had put on a few pounds.

$10M+ Lessons: How My Million Dollar Day Inspired A Life by Design

“He makes me brush my teeth in the dark.”

As soon as the words left my girlfriend’s lips I knew I was in trouble.

We were at a dinner with a few friends and I suppose my girlfriend and I were acting “too in love.”

To address this seemingly rude gesture, a friend asked her, “What does Ravi do that annoys you the most?”